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Drawing Comparison 2012 - 2014 by ShinguAmito

Wow, very significant improvement within the course of 2 years. One thing I see is the piece not lining up anatomically. The proportion...

Secret Santa for PBZantonelli on by Fixer444

Awesome work! It's looks a bit murky, and the thin hatch marks look strange. Also the anatomy seems rather odd. But a lot of Oomph to t...




I have the right reject anything against my commission policy. All commissions for this offer are non-refundable. Slots are limited, 1 commission per person. Offer ends September 1.
Daemon by Che-Bureiku
Name: Daemon

Age: 17

Story: Half Angel half demon, Daemon is rejected by both Angels and Demon's alike with exception of a young girl named Soulaura. Daemon's has made it his life purpose to protect Soulaura no matter what.


Original take: This character formally known as Avan was designed from a short story my former girlfriend had written. When I was young I told her we should turn it into a manga, but when I designed the characters, notable Avan and Akuma, they were drastically different from what she had described. In actuality the comic version I made was nothing like her story. Her story was a romance about forbidden love, and mine was a shounen action comic...The only thing similar about my character Daemon and Avan is that they're both half angel, half demon, the similarities end there. The two look and act differently, Avan had a lot less patience as Daemon was a bit more forgiving; Avan never wore battle gear, actually he wore a normal shorts and shirt and did not have spiky hair, even the wings Avan had was described differently. I also designed a back story for the character that never existed...Looking back...I actually never really liked her story, I was just going through a faze where I got excited about any piece of writing and just wanted to draw a comic with someone.

Powers: Flight, Speed

Attack: Soaring Dragon Dive, Rising Gust, Feather Barrage, Feather Blade, Dark fist

Transformation: Demon Switch
Tight by Che-Bureiku
Name: Tight Gunn

Age: 21

Story: An ex-military veteran who resigned to enter a special assassin force. Tight along with an alien life form named Jeff plans to eliminate the culprit that wiped out his comrades. In order to accomplish his goal, he plans to take as many assignments that are connected to the culprit.

Original take: Tight originally was going to be the best hit-man in the world who loves money. Through out the story Tight was going to question whether what he was doing was right or wrong, then eventually never kill again. But I deemed that take to be stupid and childish(I came up with the character when I was 16, hence why he's so poorly written.) I since then changed him when I became older, and also made his character design more practical and less cartoony. Hopefully I get to showcase Tight soon, because his story is personally dubbed my second greatest creation, a great balance of action, adventure and twists.

Powers: In-human accuracy, High intelligence, Incredibly thorough 

Attacks: Shell-Growler, Gunslinger's barrage

Transformations: Red-point mode, Evolution
Joule-Honor-III by Che-Bureiku
Name: Joule Mathias Honor 

Age: 13, 15, 17

Story: A young boy who was kidnapped by a mysterious bandit and later trained by him in order to grow in strength to reclaim his throne as king. Then later Joule proves himself as an amazing king.

Original Take: Joule was initially designed just to be some wimpy kid, who can't really do much of anything without Jack's help. But the more I drew Joule, the more I started to like him. He has quite a charm to him, given he was never initially strong. When I finished the first 19 pages of King and started the first reboot of the series, I realized I wanted Joule to be the main character. So much so, that I named the story after him, and made the title center around him surpassing his father and grandfather as the story progressed. Initially Joule Honor was just his name and hi father and grandfather had different names(of which I never bother making since they were dead), but I really wanted to drive the heme of destiny and also defying it at the same time with his name. I think Joule was changed for the better.

Powers: Magic, supernatural speed and strength

Attacks: Flame of Courage, Egress combo, Hell's smash, Flame of Hell, Flame of The Divine Dragon, Line Drive

Transformations: Egress, Hell Fire, Darkness
Jack by Che-Bureiku
Name: Jack

Age: 28

Story: A bandit who initially kidnaps a young prince, but helps him reclaim his throne instead.

Description: Jack is generally easy going, but can sometimes get aggravated when things get too far on the stupid side. He's brave and very powerful, and also acts as both a father figure and best friend to Joule Honor III.

Original Take: Jack was originally going to be the main protagonist of the story "King", this was when the story was largely based off of a game my cousin and I played as kids called "Rebels". Jack was originally the leader of an underground rebellion who wanted to overthrow the Kingdom originally managed by King Joule II, and then changes his mind when he meets Joule Honor III. The game "Rebels" was thought up by my cousin, but was never fleshed out. And I played the role as the kid who got kidnapped, but at that point neither Joule or Jack had names. I actually designed Jack first, and Joule afterwards, even though I always had an idea of what Joule would be like when I was a kid(spiky hair, shorts, sneakers, and fire powers.) Jack unfortunately was too old for me to write effectively, and then became the supporting father figure to the main character instead. Jack being 28 allows him to be old enough to be seen as a mentor, but still to young to be Joule's actual father. It's a shame that Jack couldn't cut it as an actual main character in the final cut.

Powers: Speed, strength

Attacks: Enhanced standard combat.
I have the right reject anything against my commission policy. All commissions for this offer are non-refundable. Slots are limited, 1 commission per person. Offer ends September 1.


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Che Bureiku
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Hey! I've been drawing as long as I can remember, and I started drawing manga, when I turned 13, I'm currently 22. And let me tell you that my work may not be the best, but when it comes to manga, I know what I'm doing.
I'm also currently an enlisted soldier in the U.S. Army.

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